Da Gabe Agenda

One of the things I do a lot is get high and go off on a rant about an incredibly niche topic I find fascinating. I’m also incredibly lucky to have friends that not only put up with that, but at times even find that amusing.

Not every rant is merited, but every now and then something of note comes out of my head. Unfortunately, that is usually forgotten the next day unless someone wrote it down and reminded me of it later.

That’s why I decided to start this. I’ve thought about starting a blog for years but never really did it. No specific reason or anything, I just didn’t do it. This time I said fuck it, it’ll just start.

I’ll treat it as a neat collection of the more interesting thoughts that come to me. There will be no regular schedule of posts - this isn’t my job - and I will write about anything that interests me at the time: Games, music, books, movies, science, etc…

No rules, no compromises.

I should also note that everything posted here is entirely my own opinion. Nothing here is meant to be taken as fact.

It’s just like, my opinion man.

If you want to know when I post, you can add your email here.

I hope you find something interesting.