My Portfolio

I like to think of myself as a game design assembly line. From paper design to prototyping, I am fully able to bring designs to life and test them as soon as possible.



A 1-bit 2D platformer where the player must use a light around them to switch between two dimensions and find their way out of a magical cave.


Soul catcher

A top-down shooter in hell. The player must use their soul to fight demons, dodge saw blades and survive 666 seconds. Trick is: You can only move the character or your soul.



A series of tiny games/prototypes each made in one day with the objective of exploring design ideas and testing my own creative process. The goal was to make 31 games in 31 days, I made 17.



More artsy, this is a puzzle game about finding your way through invisible mazes by painting. Different colors have different rules and once each level is done, the players get to admire their own artwork.

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