My Roles:

Game Design, Gameplay Programming.


A prototype made in 1 week to test the potential of a diegetic upgrade system in a top-down shooter with infinite runner elements.


design talk



A parameter-driven bullet system allowed us to control how the player would shoot. This way, instead of having multiple gun options, we achieved a more dynamic, less repetitive "mix and match" of shooting patterns.


Multiuse Mechanics

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A core principle of the game was the physical nature of the upgrade system. This led to different ways one could use them.

Upgrades can be used as currency for better upgrades in just one capsule; As a shiled, since they will destroy incomming bullets at the expence of whatever upgrades were hit; As a balancing solution, because the more powerful the player gets, the harder it is to move and aim; And finally as a health bar, due to enemies aiming at the tip of the tail instead of at the head.