Don’t even ask…

When I started making games it was about fun. I was bored with what I was playing, and by googling the right combination of words, I realized I could make my own games! So I started programming on paper and doodling ideas during class every day to show my friends what I made at the end of the week. They always hated it. But it was okay because I would always come up with a different game the following week.

Eventually it was time for college, so I applied to whatever would let me continue making video games. Somehow, I got into Sheridan College’s Game Design program in Canada, which meant I had to move 5000 miles away from my parent’s house at age 17. I started my formal game design education in 2016 and now I’m looking to expand that into professional work experience.

If you want someone who is eager to make games, energetic, motivated and just really fun to work with, you should give me a call. As a game designer at heart, I love analyzing, inventing and explaining mechanics. As someone close and intimate with code, I rapidly prototype those mechanics to make things people can actually feel. I love writing documentation, but if a picture speaks 1000 words, a playable prototype speaks 60000 every second.